Beautiful Poem


This beautiful poem sums up the longing in my soul the longing of me to meet meet my beloved

To untangle his knots to hold him in love as he heals gently to listen as he opens his heart and lays down his armour for he feels safe with me my beloved is within me tired of the war ready to rest ready to be loved unconditionally my boved wants to settle down in nature to do what his heart is telling him write sing dance little kiss a lot do art oh I love my man and he is learning to love me back he is learning to trust the lovestory of hades and peresphone.


Take me past the guarded place

in you where confusion

covers itself in unrelenting confidence

then marches on In lively steps

Take off the façade let it fall away

into nowhere

Turn around and face me

I search the infinite depth

where beyond all entrenchments

I find your thirst to be met

and understood the sadness in your bones,

the want of your silent cries to be heard

and be known abiding within those

unseen landscapes is a world of precious

dreams Let me touch where

the battle wounds lie quietly healing—

Buried beneath an armored sheath

rests a lifetime of love and loneliness,

blame and triumph, honor and defeat

Within this blended web

of scars and treasures,

glistening with honesty,

there you are—I found you,

beneath the soldier’s plated heart

So loosen the knots around my own

see all its agony bared and mending

and in between each open space

we’ll breathe upon the frailty

All the wishful longings to be had

bring to me yours as I meet you there with mine.

(a poem from my favorite book of heart poems- Hope is a Traveler- by Susan Frybort)

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