Chinnamastika Devi


Chinnamastika devi Gosh you must be wondering what the hell is she gonna talk about today today I’m going to talk about the bigness of the spirit the spirit which is all encompassing So in one for the first circle as I meditated with my womb.

The Facilitator guided us to meet the goddess who will make herself felt I saw this dark naked woman wearing only gold jewellery in kne hand she had a sickle or koytaa and she didnt have a head and she was turning on her sides as if she stood on one of those crazy twister machines.

The space felt very ancient old temple I came out of the meditation and all women started sharing their goddesses goddess laxmi, saraswati, kali even, mother Mary wait she was supposed to come to me I know mother mary then I thought I’m gonna say goddess durga everyone knows her but the voice said speak the truth and so I did I did t know the name but I described her when the Facilitator sukhvinder said. she is chinnamastika devi waaattt Chinnaaaa waaatt I couldn’t even pronounce that name Properly she went and got a book the ten mahavidyas and opened the page with the picture of the goddess.

My understanding was the goddess cuts her own head depicting cutting of the ego and having an awareness and control over her senses I realised there is so much in our consciousness and our DNA lifetimes of knowledge, wisdom and silence helps us tap into it.

Which goddess will appear for you?

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