My womb temple


Years ago during a workshop with my dearest teacher Sukhvinder sircar i connected to my womb she navigated the journey back home to my temple gently with her soothing voice.

In the safe environment of her own physical beautifully decorated warm home along with many sacred sisters who were also doing this trip for the first time.

What did I find on this journey

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I was very surprised to find myself in a thick overgrown forest I had to cut through the thicket and I was getting hurt and all itchy with the bushes that had groen wild finally I reached the stairs of the old temple.stone temple dark the walls ancient the smellmusty.there was an excitement to rush in to see what I would find and yet a fear of the unknown lurking in the dark.

I climbed the stairway step at a time.7 steps the sound of the tinkly sacred chants leading me inward ushering me.

As I stood at the door ahuge ancient door madeofteak wood with the symbol of the vesica pisces on it very similar to that on the chalice well Glastonbury, i noticed it was all covered with cobwebs, moss growing on it at various places various keedas creeping crawling all over the door I gently mustered the courage to push open that door the wiff of air that was let out carried the fragrance of millions of years of feminine wisdom with the tadka of feminine pain which hit my nostrils full blast arid pungent musty the smell of old blood.

I stepped in dark as ever I didn’t have any source of light except the little daylight that flowed in streams through the open door.

There were ancient figurines all covered in dust soot and cobwebs I entered no fear for this was my temple I owned it I then walked around and noticed a small pond filled to the brim with murky mucky water old lotus leaves lying dead telling me it used to be a beautiful pond in her hay days but now a poor reminder of the days gone by completely neglected and derelict

Just then my rt earring fell a silver fabindia marketed overpriced jhumka I started looking for it cont’d in comments sweeping the dust and grime covered floor and as I swept iteith my bare hands I noticed the beautiful mosaic tiles below blue and white very Turkish in design beauty under the kuda kachra I didn’t find the jhumka I gave up and went deeper within.

As I looked towards the sanctum sanctorum I saw a faint flickering light like a moth drawn to light i almost flew towards it in my mind as i kept moving forward gently I could see a 1000 oil lamps all placed around the temple walls and floor some had wicks that were almost finished some contained a bit of rancid oil some broken all in all it felt miserable for a cleanliness freak like me to be in this dirty , abandoned temple my temple which in no way looked like my house with all the urban chic decor and all For the sound healer in me the song playing right now is 1000 years by Christina perri.

to be continued…….

Take a womb journey you will be surprised wat you find in there.

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