New Story In My Womb Temple


The journey began long back to find the landscape of my soul I gently discarded the stories I was fed of teachers masters guides before me my heart is in deep gratitude for their teachings for it led me on the path.

I gently lay down books of knowledge and wisdom I picked up the little lamp burning in my own heart with just enough light for the next step Each step I took to find my soul led me to a deeper and darker place within I encountered many demons angels priests Priestesses animal guides ancestors physical pain ecstacy too but I did not lose my focus I didn’t know what I would find only the word SACRED TEMPLE kept ringing in my Inner ear.

I kept searching and searching

And finally I reached HOME

I found myself in a dense forest no longer afraid because I knew this terrain I remembered the path I then came to a large tree that had grown on a TEMPLE I went inside old old ancient temple. I stepped in my skin all goosy but my heart dancing with joy my womb ecstatic with mirth When I was in the sanctum sanctorum I found a Lotus pond. There was one large lotus in the center I went and sat on it and it transformed to the most beautiful throne The entire room was decorated in shades of Red blue green pink and gold

Finally I was Home

Home in my womb temple feels good to be HOME

I googled pictures of a jungle temple.and found Ta prohm temple in cambodia matching the vision I had Find your own temple or maybe it’s a well or whatever it is where your Soul resides but do find it it’s within you and now all the rituals and offerring are directed inwards.

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