The journey into the womb got me intimate not only with my body but also the colour RED I liked the colour but never ever dreamt of wearing it as a solid color in my clothing or a red lipstick

The first time I even felt about the colour Red was when I did the joyous woman workshop All women dressed in vibrant shades of all colors but red called me My relationship with red grew day by day I started wearing red lipstick i even did a Boudoir shoot with another joyous woman and used Red as one of my colors

Red the color of life giving blood the color of sindoor the color of earth the color the sky takes at twilight ok its scarlet the colour of love valentine’s day remember, we have an overdose of red the colour of Rose’s How could this color be wrong its a colour just like any other in the spectrum But this colour has been shamed It’s been associated with sexuality.You wear red lipstick cause you want to attract a mate oops sorry solicit a man you wear red dress because you want to appear prominent and draw attention to yourself

How many mothers, grandmothers and well meaning friends have told me its too dark, your skin tone doesn’t get along with red.

The joke was when a friend got me a red shade from YSL and then when I wore it for a workshop said its too dark wipe it off that very day I knew i didnt want friends like these double dholkees I love my red I love my red maybe I blame it for the conditioning of childhood where the ad for eveready battery cells had a tagline GIMME RED how I loved it.

Thank God for small mercies What’s your RED STORY?

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