My journey into my womb temple so far was about getting to notice what I didn’t know about what I didn’t know , if you get what I mean I saw HER in the sanctum sanctorum dazzling I didn’t have the courage to go near her she seemed to big and bright for me as much as I gazed at her the light grew stronger I paused I exited the temple

The next time I was in I was guided to notice the womb mandala

Mandala is me in the center with key persons around me

I was happy to see my parents , my grandmom, my teachers, and so many others inside my womb mandala what surprised me was that I found a person who shouldn’t have been there hmmmm

I realised that whenever an energetic connection is made with another we keep them rent free in our wombs and surely energetically we operate from that energy

Unknowingly remember I didn’t know what I didn’t know So very gently I allowed these uncles , past friends, liaisons to leave my womb temple and consciously created my own womb mandala of the persons I wanted in my womb

The energies of whom I felt would support my spiritual growth and anchor me into the safety net I had created consciously.I am grateful to teachers like anaiya sophia, padma aeon who have highlighted the womb mandala practise in their book wombwisdom

I truly believe we can take the guidance of teachers before us ..give gratitude to them and then use the knowing our own body and spirit to move to the next level of consciousness.If you want to create your own womb mandala come and explore the space of the sacredlotuswomb workshop.

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