I am an avid traveller


I am an avid traveller…travelled to many parts of the country and the world too but the deepest knowing is that I never felt at HOME in me so the constant urge to Belong led me to search for my Home and yes home for a few days maybe weeks but uprooted again again nd the quest continued Until I found home within.

It’s the womb journey that led me to the void the zero point of home and when I did I was comfortable in my flat in Mumbai the trees outside my window the forest I own The kitchen my creative fireplace My bathroom the detox room The kiddies room where many I have mothered many children with love the drawing room where we had so many parties and fun evenings so much more awaited me at Home Wowo..home and hearth.

The truth is when I found home within the place I live In becomes home The message bloom where you are planted resonates deep.

Are you home?

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