My Feet


The story of my feet…. I kept looking for the lotus feet of the Lord The longing to bow at them To touch them to wash them with my tears wipe them with my long hair and adorn them with the precious oils to honour them as a gift par excellence This maiden lover was seeking his gaze on her I looked and looked.

I found the lotus feet In stories from the bible where she washed Jesus feet and when jesus washed the feet of his disciples.I found the lotus feet in a dream when I entered a temple where the sanctum sanctorum was lit with the diya surrounding the Divine the divine being the Holy Padukas I found the lotus feet in my dear swamini friends room and as a WhatsApp display picture on a swamis profile here they showed up as Krishna kissing the feet of Radha I found them and yet I didnt Until I touched my own feet.

Until I touched them lovingly and ultra slow on the behest of my divine feminine teacher Sukhi And then the sacred goddesses touched my feet with fragrant oils also my friends my husband my son touched and massaged my tired feet with love.

And the tears flowed and the tiredness flowed away Now I pamper them I paint my nails with the brightest of colors and sparkles and the footwear too accentuates my feet I choose comfort and beauty.And the anklets they are my feets constant companions When they hurry the sound from the anklets remind me to slow down when the nervous system goes into a tizzy then the sound tells me to stop listen breathe. My feet my Lotus feet I looked for them outside until I found them very close to me they had never left me its just that I did not see Now I see…Now I honour …Now I know….

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