Yoni…my intimate relationship with my yoni Yoni is the sanskrit word for the vagina This journey of rediscovering my body led to the most beautiful place well I never thought of my yoni as a beautiful place.

The sexual abuse in childhood left my yoni feeling vulnerable, grabbed, desecrated and I chose to not look at it When the body moved into adolescence the yoni called for attention and thanks to the magazine ‘teenager’ I understood the meaning of masturbation mind you this is all about the feminine body I am not even talking about the boys or men here.

Then for years it remained hidden and the only relationship I had with my yoni was that of it being a body part that needed to be washed during bathing and a little more during menses Oh I had all the knowledge but embodiment was missing Then began my journey with my yoni Yes this is a public platform but what I want to stress here is Yoni is a part of your body the holy entrance to the womb the exit where your baby come through to see the world and live in it I remembered mine because 18 years ago my precious daughter came this way truly holy na.

This post is for the young girls to connect to their yonis with love care for it really so that you are responsible and do not allow desecration for few moments of pleasure its a holy place a sacred place.

It’s for women who have birthed babies to not shame their yonis but be pleased that this holy exit has expressed God through the newborns It’s for women whose yonis have not been honoured by men well connect to the yoni and heal her gently with love.

I can write a book ,But for today simply place your hands on your yoni and breathe and then let the emotions flow Maybe you will have a song, poetry, a dialogue or even an art flow through experience a deeper connection to your yoni.

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