About Us

About Us

We are a family owned training company with a VISION to consciously birth the new earth that is safe, vibrant and filled with love, peace, joy for our children and our children’s children by balancing our feminine and masculine energies both within and without.

Our MISSION is to Consciously birth our sacred true SELF, progeny, projects using esoteric, scientific, creative healing tools through guided womb journeys balancing our BODY MIND EMOTIONS SPIRIT.

All this by gaining knowledge and wisdom from our physical body, nourishing our energy body, working with the sacred mind of the creator, building emotional resilience and healing old traumas while being deeply rooted in spirit.

Sacred lotus womb academy is a co-creation by the collective feminine as part of the healing womb journeys that finally led us home to our TRUE SELVES

The founder DR EVELET SEQUEIRA went on her own healing journey in 2011 following a loss of her job at a UN organization spiraling her towards the most important things in life. On this journey she encountered many teachers, many healing complementary modalities and found her path to herself in womb consciousness.

Now she brings this rich experience to many women and men, youth who wish to return to Wholeness through this academy and its self mastery programmes using healing arts like Sound – coming from Music and our voices, creative art therapy, body movement therapy, storytelling and other tools.

From the founders desk

I am extremely grateful to you for choosing to take that step to shine your light, believe in magic and wonder and jump start your life to live it to the fullest…

You can hear my story here.

The Sacred Lotus Womb Academy is a gift that was collectively conceived by Sacred Women who are devoted to the Sacred Feminine using the creative arts to connect to Shakti within and bring one to wholeness by the divine union with the sacred masculine.

There are many paths and many teachers to reach the Divine within…This is the Path of the Sacred feminine Womb Consciousness owning our bodies and revering the WOMB Temple within as a portal to the DIVINE FATHER MOTHER GOD.

The Aim is to connect intimately to our WOMB SPACE and Consciously CREATE OUR world as we want it to be…in addition to that to work with our Shadow selves and heal the wounds of the part , limiting beliefs, conditioning etc that keep us from living a life of our fullest potential.

The womb is the place which births NEW LIFE and surely this is where we women and men get connected with our WOMB TEMPLE within to find our Sovereign Queen and King Self. This is the same as the HIGHER SELF which is the spirit aspect of ourselves. The whole philosophy is not externalizing the GOD energy but finding and feeling it within our body, being the mind of God and dealing effectively with our emotions and living as an expression of spirit moment to moment..

The best time to experience SPIRIT is in the NOW…

The academy brings together rich experience of various teachers that I met, the various healing modalities I practiced , studied extensively and reconnected me back to wholeness by growing smaller, getting slower and showing my vulnerability. Yes you heard it right the opposite if what you learnt all this time. On this journey I realized that I am not alone and the universe does have my back. Miraculously teachers therapists friends appeared who held me when I was broken , prayed with me, fed me, loved me for who I am, traveled with me, sang with me, danced with me and much more….

For all this I am grateful and I wish to share this journey with you…I am sure that sharing my story will help you also find strength in your weak moments, find your truth and heal your pain…yes I will also share the mistakes I made on my journey and how I learned from them so that you don’t tread that path of pain instead walk on firm solid ground rooted into mother earth and anchored in spirit.

Join me in my workshops to feel truth, honour and love from my womb to yours..lets us both receive and give for that completes the circle of life and of love…

Womb blessings


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