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Are you ready and willing to heal the wounds of abandonment, rejection , shame , abuse and unite your Divine Feminine Masculine within, embrace your sacred sexual self, connect to your womb wisdom, reclaim the power of your womb and embody the Womb Priestess within ?

The highest knowledge of SELF brings us home to our unique purpose , our stance of power in the world , our role as women who embody the sacred teachings of the Womb and Conscious Femininity.

Each woman is gifted with a physical Uterus WOMB. And our wombs are closely associated with the cycles of nature and its effects on our physical body, our feminine and masculine energy, wisdom and power. In our need to achieve worldly success we women have disconnected from our bodies, our menstrual cycles, lost our sexual libido, los our intuition and thus the connection to our inner world. This disconnection has separated our body from our spirit. It is time to unify them gently through the power of our WOMB.

We carry both thunder and lightning in the space between our bones and our soul. We must awaken to the storm within and find that calmn center- the eye of the storm..Time to allow the inner WOMB PRIETESS to SHINE forth and bring her Medicine to the world.

The SACRED WILD LOTUS WOMBAN training will be conducted over 4 weekends as follows

Module 1: Unifying the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine within

We will work with the Sacred wound of Abandonment / rejection and accept ourselves fully. Open ourselves to self love practices. We will do exercises on self awareness to know our inner feminine and inner masculine and let go of limiting beliefs and thoughts and behaviours and embrace the Divine masculine and feminine in union.

Module 2: Embracing Sacred Sexuality

We will work with the wound of shame especially in relation to menstruation, body shaming. How this wound keep us small and wont allow us to shine our light in the world. We will then open up our bodies through gentle processes to our sacred sensual sexual self. Learn about the sacred prostitute archetype. Learn why we need sacred sexuality and what its benefits are for us in our daily lives. Practices rituals on embodying sacred sexuality to become the expression of love for yourself, your partner and in the world will be shared.

Module 3: Awakening the Voice of Feminine Power

Here we will work with the wound of abuse and bring healing to ur bodies that have been violated physically, sexually, and even mentally emotionally by the violent masculine energy. Healing through meditations, somatic movement practices, sound and voice therapy. The meditations and practices will connect us to our power and inner wisdom. The abused woman will be healed and stand up in her true power of her fully awakened sovereign self to speak her truth unabashedly.

Module 4: Reclaiming Womb Power and Embodying Womb Priestess archetype

The womb is a deep place within us that connects us to our unconscious self. We will learn to access this space and become our own womb priestess and guide following our own truth which will ultimately set us free. We will align with this sacred center/ temple within us and join a lineage of womb keepers/ womb shamans/ medicine women/ womb priestesses whatever we call them to manifest a life of possibilities, live our highest potential and serve humanity with love and compassion. We will undertake a shamanic womb journey with the Tibetan bowls, initiated in the 13th Munay rite of the womb, womb mandala / medicine wheel creation to birth the WOMB PRIESTESS in you.

Within every woman there is a wild and natural creature, a powerful force, filled with good instincts, passionate creativity, and ageless knowing. Her name is Wild Woman, but she is an endangered species, says my favourite storyteller teacher Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Ph.D., Jungian analyst.

Who Is This Workshop For

  • women who have reached a standstill in their lives , in terms of career, creativity etc.
  • women who want to connect to their body womb wisdom deeply and use their soul gifts.
  • women who have struggles through childhood patterns of feminine wounding and are traumatized in their dreams or waking lives.
  • women who are willing to shake hands with the other wild side, their feral selves, their sexuality, their creativity, their oneness with their goddess self.
  • • women who are feeling they have it all in terms of material gains and yet the gnawing emptiness within beacons them to a long lost longing of their soul song.

Benefits Of The Workshop

  • Healing wounds of abandonment, shame and abuse.
  • Enhancing your intuition , connecting to your sexual self.
  • Deeper connect to your womb and its wisdom, womb initiation.
  • Ancestral lineage and spiritual lineage gifts uncovered.
  • Simple practical tools for daily practice to balance, align and ground your feminine masculine energies.
  • A handbook with knowledge bites, information from resources, exercises etc for easy reference.
  • A clear knowing about your purpose and a plan and no plan on your next steps ahead.


Women aged 18 onwards.

Online workshop over 4 weekends.


Energy Exchange : INR 15000 for 4 modules/ $222


You will receive a completion certificate from Sacred Lotus Womb Academy
For further queries , please contact
Whatsapp/call: 9845434406/ 9900056737

Have you claimed your Lotus seat throne yet?

Dr Evelet Sequeira MD
Womb Keeper healer / Reproductive Sexual Health Coach/ sound Voice Expressive Art Therapist/ Sacred Feminine Teacher Facilitator

Internationally Certified Heal Your Life® Workshop Leader and Life coach and self mastery facilitator, Tedx speaker, mother, entrepreneur, author, sound and voice therapist, expressive arts therapist.

She is an MD in preventive and social medicine from seth G S medical college KEM hospital. She also holds Management degrees from welingkar management institute and Narsee monjee management institute. She is a certified Tibetan sound bowl practitioner level III, teacher of the Sacred Feminine and a womb healer ,expressive arts therapist, magnified healing practitioner.

She conducts workshops using fun tools of expressive art therapy, dance movement, sound and voice therapy and has been trained certified by master trainers, national and international agencies and institutes for the last 13 years…
Earlier she had a successful work career as health and nutrition specialist with UNICEF India and many government and non govt agencies for 11years..
She has a company Sacred lotus womb academy , which has a vision of creating a new earth where each individual lives consciously from a space of love peace joy good health and wisdom.She believes in the holistic approach of life and its events…
Her expertise lies in womens health issues pertaining to the womb, father wound & mother wound & inner child healing, sexual trauma healing, compassionate balanced masculine feminine leadership.

She conducts workshops for women to connect to their body wisdom using expressive art therapy modalities with a focus on sound and voice therapy combined with body movement. She teaches individuals to balance their inner feminine and masculine energies to live fulfilled lives to their highest potential. She calls these Womb journeys with Evelet.

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