Within every woman there is a wild and natural creature, a powerful force, filled with good instincts, passionate creativity, and ageless knowing. Her name is Wild Woman, but she is an endangered species, says my favourite storyteller teacher Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Ph.D., Jungian analyst.

The journey of connecting with this wild woman has been eventful filled with adventures, enchantment, mystery of the woods and the stories , art, music, traditions, dance brought me home to the WILD WOMAN IN ME.

The lotus has always been depicted as the flower that defines what spirituality truly means. For it blooms inspite of the muck and the murky waters around and rises above to show who she really is while facing the sun.

We too are spiritual beings living a human life, and we are ready to embrace the two sides of us..our feminine and our masculine. Together spirit and matter birth the new earth, heaven on earth.

You carry both lightning and thunder in the space between your bones and your soul. Become the storm you are hiding from. My dear sister you are a Warrior, a Goddess and a Priestess IT IS TIME TO ALLOW YOUR INNER PRIESTESS TO SHINE. Change is inevitable, but transformation is by CHOICE.

    šŸŒ¹Reclaiming the Wild Sacred Feminine and Embodying the Priestess archetype.
    šŸ’ƒEmbracing your Sacred Sexuality.
    šŸŒ¹Embracing the Power of your Womb.
    šŸ’ƒEmbracing N Unifying Your Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine.
    šŸŒ¹BringingĀ  Spirit to Matter. Creating Heaven onĀ  Earth.
    šŸ’ƒConnecting to the Priestess Archetype.
    šŸŒ¹Standing in your full Feminine Power and Speaking your Truth.
    šŸ’ƒConnecting with your Priestess Tribe.


  • Storytelling, expressive arts, visual art, sound , music, voice therapy, dance movement, and other modalities.

Who Is This Workshop For

  1. This workshop is for women who have reached a standstill in their lives , in terms of career, creativity etc.
  2. For women who want to connect to their body wisdom deeply and use their soul gifts.
  3. For women who have struggles trough childhood patterns of feminine wounding and are traumatized in their dreams or waking lives.
  4. For women who are willing to shake hands with the other wild side, their feral selves, their sexuality, their creativity, their oneness with their goddess self.
  5. For women who are feeling they have it all in terms of material gains and yet the gnawing emptiness within beacons them to a long lost longing of their soul song.

Benefits of the workshop

  • Me time.
  • Simple practices to connect to body mind and spirit.
  • The opening up of oneself through their voices and creatibity.
  • A clear and precise next step for the journey forward.


Women aged 25 onwards.


Itā€™s a 2 day workshop and the cost is INR 18000 inclusive of lunch , 2 tea breaks and workshop material




March, July, November.
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