The planet has been reeling under the effects of the corrupt masculinity and femininity for the past few centuries. It is time to heal that feminine wound and come home to the mother , come home within ourselves.

The sacred feminine has been calling forth women to join together in sacred circles to sit together in a safe space to voice the truth in their voices and their bodies through tools that are gentle and foster empowering connection.

These are sanctuaries of trust, love, peace, sacred sisterhood of tears and laughter to learn new ways of being, connect with each other and also within themselves and share their stories.

A study by Harvard Medical School found that “Good connections can improve health and increase longevity.”

The sacred feminine has been stirring the cauldron of the VOID…SHE has been gently nudging us women home to our true divine nature…..its time to embark on this journey within together, gently with deep love and reverence to our bodies minds and the soul awakening to the PRESENCE in OUR WOMBS….

DIVINE MOTHER calls the sacred sisterhood to meet on FULL MOON DAYS.


  • Connecting to our Soul song through our voices and music.

  • Embodying the sacred Feminine through sacred body work and dance practices.

  • Healing our emotionally charged body through our womb connections and stories.

  • Mothering ourselves and others divinely and to heal in HER RED TENT.


Sitting in Circle is akin to Healing, Having Chai, Telling Stories, Dressing up, Dressing Down, laughing, Sobbing, Simply Loving, Simply Being, Honoring and Holding each other as the Divine goddess for there are times we forget we are One… All this is done in a non-judgmental attitude, listening with unconditional love to other women as well as our own bodies…

Each Full Moon we work with an intention through the month till the next Full moon. Daily Practices will be given to the women to Embody the Sacred Feminine and anchor the Goddess energy on earth through their Womb.


  • That being a WOMAN is a reason to celebrate.

  • These are sanctuaries of REST and RELAXATION.

  • The women learn to hold space for their sisters in their life moments of joy as well as pain and turmoil to know they are never alone.

  • The women build a closer relationship with their bodies and learn to tap into their body wisdom.

  • A sense of collective vision is birthed in a circle.

  • Women learn to honour each other and their families with love peace and joy.

  • The circle is also creative and inspirational guiding women on their entrepreneurial journeys as well. Looking for talent and support in house.

  • Safe environment to speak our mind and our truth.

  • Support the younger women with the knowledge and wisdom of the older elder wiser women in the circle.

  • Provides wise women with an opportunity to share their wisdom, life experiences, stories, perceptions, and insights, which are deeply valued in circle. Acknowledges and honors their age and status as an elder, mentor, teacher, wisdom keeper. Gives them regular contact with women of all ages to keep them connected & involved Source:


  • During full moon tremendous energy is released from out body.

  • The energy that is dominant is amplified during the full moon period as the moon has effects on tides so it does on our bodies that are 70 percent water.

  • Good time for a spiritual practice to connect to the clamn within.

  • We can channel the powerful lunar energy to the higher chakras, it provides the opportunity to transform, empower, heal and cleanse.

DRESS CODE: whatever colour calls out to you, loose flowy comfortable clothing.

LOVE OFFERRING: The SACRED TEMPLE Womens Circle supports women. Its free of charge. One can bring in snacks or drinks, flowers or oils, candles etc to the circle altar.

Tea/ Green Tea/ Lemon juice and light snacks will be offered.

We also conduct the full moon circles in a house of sacred sisters on invitation only, to establish a portal of light and to serve the light in humility and love.

It is an answering to the CLARION CALL…Connecting to the wombs of sacred women will open codes of Wisdom within our Bodies. We meet for 2 hours on all Full moon Days. If SHE is calling to your heart then do join in…

We women of strength and wisdom are called because we are the CHOSEN ONES…

Looking forward to create a wholesome circle of wise women who have learnt to put themselves first..


Womb blessings…..

Temple Priestess

Evelet – Eva

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