The dictionary defines womb as “The organ in the body of a woman or other female mammal in which the baby develops before birth also called Uterus”.

The metaphysical meaning is this “it’s a container, chalice, or a holding space where something is consciously created using the energy of Love” The womb is a center or a portal of consciousness that operates on physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic levels bringing to transformation to love all that is not love. It is present in both women and men, popularly known as Dan tein, or Hara center. This is the resting place for your Soul energy or Higher Self.

What is Womb Blessing?

A womb blessing is an attunement through the 13th Rite of the Munay ki tradition. It’s a remembrance of the mighty potential of creative energy that we hold in our womb container. This is an ancient tradition of the lineage of medicine women who freed themselves from suffering and pain using ritual, Mother Nature as their allies.

The rite of the womb is where the woman will be initiated into the blessing and healing of this powerful portal within herself. The Womb Blessing is powerful to help women connect to their deepest essence of mystery, power, oneness with mother earth, oneness with their physical body and the beauty of the sacred feminine spirit. She reclaims her femininity by remembering who she truly is. And this is the first step in the process of remembering and sacred awakening for anchoring this feminine energy in her body and thus on the planet.

‘The womb is not a place to store pain and fear: the womb is to create and give birth to new life’. these are powerful words from the attunement that the woman will receive to help her walk this path of the womb.A reminder that THE GOLDEN SEED IS EMBEDDED IN THE WOMB

Why do we need a womb blessing?

The womb blessing is a ritual that marks the embarking on the inward personal & spiritual journey for individuals to awaken to their Authentic Self and lead a life of love peace joy abundance wisdom perfect health and harmony.

This is the kickoff for living a life of balance between mind body and spirit by reconnecting you to the energy of Father Mother God.

What does a womb blessing session entail?

  • Creation of sacred space.
  • Connecting with the womb space through healing music.
  • The attunement will given to the women through the 13th munaykirite of the womb.
  • Release of whatever is not serving the woman through a writing ritual and burning it in a fire.
  • offering of flower petals or flowers to the sacred bowl asking what we need for ourselves and others. Eg. Perfect health, peace, healing , career advancement , relationship bliss etc.

Instructions before the session:

  • Wear loose light colored clothes.
  • Eat and drink on hour before the session.
  • Reach the venue 10 minutes earlier.
  • Carry a bottle of water.
  • Carry a journal to note your experience
  • Carry some dry fruits to eat after the session.
  • Carry a small bowl and bring flowers which you like.


Groups of minimum 3 or max 5 women .


INR 3000only 2 hours per person/ group of 3 total INR 9000 only


  • Kandivali West on Wednesdays.
  • Juhu on Fridays.


Sessions conducted on a prior appointment basis.

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