In this one on one session you will heal and balance their WOMB SPACE which lays deeper focus on the energetic sacral chakra region in your body. The womb is an energetic center of consciousness and tends to hold inherited trauma and pain from day to day events as well as ancestral lineages. This is also the seat of creativity and infinite potential. The session is done using ancient sacred chants, sound of the Tibetan Bowls, Vocal Toning, Voice work and meditation with special Frequency music.


This is a clarion call to all you women to experience their full potential and power and live from a space of Infinite possibilities. You will heal deep emotional wounds in their uterus, ovaries and the vagina using meditative womb healing techniques and use of sound vibrations to bring harmony to the body, mind and spirit. This will open up ancient deep seated womb wisdom to guide one to live your daily life from the Lotus seat in your womb….ones very own throne and space of power….reclaiming your innate true authentic nature.

Our wombs are energetically connected to other wombs especially the wombs of the ancestral lineage and also the cosmic mother’s womb.

The womb stores a lot of past pain, soul imprints of trauma, ancestral stories of women etc.

The journey of womb healing works with addressing broken hearts from past relationships, past pain of sexual trauma and abuse in childhood or any other time, chronic illness of the reproductive system organs, fertility issues , to heal past Birth Trauma and childhood wounds.

The womb energy is very potent and powerful and if harnessed with prayers, awareness, chants, meditative techniques, breath work and sound healing can bring about strengthening of this chakra.

Please note this energetic healing of the emotional body is done in conjunction with ongoing medical treatment in case of any physical ailments


  • To Reconnect to your WOMB TEMPLE.

  • To Rejuvenate your BEING.

  • To Regenerate your BODY.

  • To Reclaim your Authentic SELF.

Who can avail of Womb Healing?

  • Woman suffering from uterine ovarian and other reproductive system physical ailments like menstrual cycle dysfunction, hormonal imbalance, fibroids, ovarian tumour cysts etc.

  • Women willing to mother a child.

  • Women who need to heal deep seated scars of abortions, miscarriages.

  • Womb Trauma following sexual abuse in childhood or adulthood.

  • Women who wishes to explore her divine SELF and access their creative powers and live lives of full potential from their womb temple.

  • Pregnant mothers who wish to bless their babies while in-utero.

  • For couples who wish to deepen their relationship and sanctify their bond with the divine through sacred sexual union.


  • Metaphysical Healing Physical Disease in the reproductive system.

  • Healing Romantic Relationships – Past and Present, heartbreaks.

  • Healing the Mother Wound (Connection With Your Birth Mother, and any birth trauma).

  • Healing the Father Wound (connection and energy imprints from birth father).

  • Healing the wounded Inner Child.

  • Releasing Fear by connecting to the Balanced Energy of Feminine Masculine within.

  • Developing Unconditional Love through Forgiveness.

  • Healing Ancestral lineage wounds specially wounds to the feminine.

Session Details

  1. One on One Session: these sessions are conducted at The Rainbow Bridge, C wing 1201 , Rustomjee Riviera, next to Union Bank, Orlem, Malad West,Mumbai, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays . All sessions are done with prior appointment.

  2. One on One session via skype with Dr Evelet skype ID : evelet.sequeira.


One hour for one on one.

What does a womb healing session entail?

The session is intuitively guided and Tibetan sound bowls, healing chants and meditation is used to take the client into a deeply relaxed state to allow release and healing of blocked energies in the womb space.

Instructions before the session

  • Wear loose light colored clothes.

  • Eat and drink on hour before the session.

  • Reach the venue 10 minutes earlier.

  • Carry a bottle of water.

  • Carry a journal to note your experience.

  • Carry some dry fruits to eat after the session.


  • One on One session: INR 5000 per hour/ $120.

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